So you wanna be a Camp Host? Insider secrets revealed

So you want to spend some time in an RV camp and get your site rental for free?
Sounds like a dream come true to a retired couple that are are travelling across the USA in their fifth-wheel RV, right? But it's very possible because US State Parks, National Parks, the Forest Service, public and private RV campsites all employ seasonal workers.
For free rental of your site, you work the minimum required hours of around 20 - 28 a week, which works out at 2 days between you and your partner, (working the same days) and the rest of the time is yours to relax and continue your exploration of the local area from your RV. You can work for a month or 6 months or even a year depending on the seasons the park is open. If you totally love the place, you might even try to get rehired the following year. You decide. Of course you can work more than the agreed hours and get paid, if that is on offer – that's up to you too. Sometimes you get extras like electricity paid, or free or low c…

Wallet Watching in Hawaii

Nearly 20 years ago I visited a medium, who, among other things, told me my youngest son Drew would have his wallet stolen in Hawaii. Always a bit of a skeptic, I was rather surprised when a lot of what she said actually came true over the years. So you can imagine, her dire warning played like a broken record in my mind the whole time Drew and I recently spent on one of the Hawaiian islands. So why decide to go there, I hear you ask?
My husband, Richard, and I had been planning a family ski trip since 2014 when we sold our home in Scotland and embarked on our retirement dream of full time RVing across the USA. Ours is a second marriage, and at that time we had four children (two each from previous marriages), plus one daughter in law and one prospective one, some of whom had not yet met each other. With them spread across the globe – Scotland, Amsterdam, USA and Australia, getting them all together at the same time in the same place was not going to be an easy task.
I'm sur…

Working Deja Vu

I woke up in the early hours of this beautiful Arizona highland morning with a severe case of deja-vu.
Systems training, training manuals, data input, customer service, writing promotional material, pep talk from the boss, it all came flooding back since Wednesday, when I began my first day of Work-Camping at Elk Pines RV Resort. I couldn't get back to sleep at all.
Perhaps this nightmarish nostalgia had been triggered by my recent viewing of a film set in Port Glasgow, not far from where Richard and I used to work and live in Scotland before we gave up all that stress and moved to the USA to begin our retired RV lifestyle. But two days into our new 3 day a week jobs in the resort (me in the office and Richard doing maintenance) has certainly brought back lots of memories.

For Richard, it's also brought back use of muscles he forgot he had. As maintenance man, on his first day he jumped right in (literally) to dig a chest-high ditch in search of the cause of a water…

Community Living

You could say RVing is ideal for those who don't feel the need to be part of an established brick and mortar community. We chose this lifestyle because, with four children between us spread across the globe, we felt we were never going to be in the right place at the right time. Of course, a shared love of travel pretty much clinched the deal for us.
So we joined a community on wheels. Constant travel meant that in some RV parks we made short-term friends, with whom we keep in touch virtually. In others, where there was a quick turnover of visitors, we shared only a few hellos with our fellow travelers.
Paradoxically, over my life, I have often yearned to be part of a static community. I got close a couple of times but regularly moving locations as I grew up, married and remarried, and working full time, pretty much got in the way of putting down absolute roots.
Thus for me, finding a community like the one we are currently staying at, is a gift.
I guess the extreme fri…

Highlights of 2016 in 16 pictures

In relatively chronological order, these are my favorite photos of the places and things we have experienced during our second year of retirement and full time RVing.
January and February
We began the year freezing our asses off in cold but beautiful Colorado, helping Richard's cousin with their business. Whilst Richard underwent recovery from cataract surgery, I flew to Australia to meet my first grandchild, Maddie. She was 5 months old and simply adorable. I tell you people turned their heads when I walked by with her in my arms. She was a scene stealer – still is!

We took a couple of quick breaks, once near Pensacola FL, to tip our toes in the Gulf of Mexico and then in Charlston, SC, to experience humidity and plantation history. Read more here. We had just about heated up when we continued on our hurried great trek east across 9 states to Richmond, VA, in time to cool back down and attend the wedding of Richard's son Steven and his lovely new wife Melinda.  


Las Vegas - Losses and Wins

Our plans went awry mid October when we heard that Richard’s brother Don had fallen 20 feet out of a tree while out hunting in Arkansas.With a dislocated shoulder, punctured lung, brain trauma, cracked ribs and vertebrae, you could say it was a near miss. He was lucky he didn’t lose his life.
After 3 weeks of recuperation with 1 on 1 attention from his daughter and her family at their home near Dallas, Richard was going to spend some time with Don, to move him home and make sure he would be able look after himself on his own.
Richard's trip meant we had to reschedule our planned stay in Vegas, where we were supposed to be meeting up with my nephew Steven and his new bride Stephanie who were going to there for their honeymoon.I was going to miss their wedding in Scotland but had contented myself with the thought that I would be able to congratulate them in person in Sin City. If all went well, we would still be able to spend a couple of days with them at the end of their honeymoon, b…